Awesome 16-Person Tent With Dining Area & Car Port Will Change The Way You Camp

Ready to go car camping in style?

This tent design is by a Japanese outdoor company called Logos. They won Japan’s GOOD Design Award. They can be used as a stand alone tent or you can attache them to modules.

The pentagonal tent is the basic module and it can accept five more modules on each of its sides, while the Decagon Modular tent can extend from a three sleeper to one which has large space plus has a dining area. This is large enough for 16 people as well!


Τρίτη, Μαΐου 03, 2016 |
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  3. The peak height is very important to your comfort. For most trips, try to have a tent that is tall enough to stand in. Plan for the taller persons in your group. A six or seven foot peak height is necessary for adults, and a four foot peak is about right for kids. Tents

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