New Ordinance Calls For Wisconsin Parents To Be Fined For Their Child’s Bullying

When children bully other children, the parents are going to be given fines. That’s the new law in the city of Shawano.

It’s been approved and police are now going to start working with the school district in regards to the bullying situation going on, and they will both talk with the parents of kids who are bullies. What happens is that the parents will then have a 90 day period to stop their kids from bullying. If it doesn’t stop, it will be time to pay up. The fine is $366.

Those parents will then have 90 days after they’re informed by police of their child’s behavior to intervene, and put a stop to it. Now if a second offense occurs within one year, it’s up to $681. The principle and police officials will soon coordinate a plan of action as to how the new law will be implemented.

Bullying has been on heightened alert after an 18-year-old gunman opened fire outside the Antigo High School prom on Saturday, April 23rd. The result of the gunfire were two students being struck and injured.

The gunman, Jakob Wagner, died after being shot by the police. The reason for his actions, appear to possibly lean towards bullying, as fellow students state he was the victim of bullying behavior.


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