The Shocking Truth About Restaurant “Meat Glue”

Next time you have the taste for meat, you might want to think about this video. Downright scary, not to mention sickening!

The farming and meat industries have always had some shades of inhumane practices attached to them so this probably shouldn’t seem that surprising, yet it really is when you look at depths of disgust these people are willing to actually go. Truly disgusting. Turns out there’s something called the “Meat Glue Secret.” Here you will see this guy cooking a ribeye using this technique, which allows restaurants all around the country to essentially create a fake filet mignon made of scraps. The take the scraps and basically, yep you guessed it, “glue” them together!

It’s called transglutaminase, a.k.a meat glue, and this is some nasty stuff! It comes in a white powder and is sold by the kilo. It is used to make pieces and scraps of beef, lamb, chicken or fish stick together to create solid meat looking product. These scraps would otherwise be thrown out, but glued together and you get a whole new “Frankensteak” product!


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