Here’s How To Do That Whistle Thing With Your Fingers

Want to master the finger whistle? It’s actually easier than you think and once you figure it out, you’ll be finger whistling all day long with ease!

… Or is that just me?

Here goes:

Placing your lips in the correct position is very important. First you need to tuck your lips back over your teeth. Pretend you are an old person with their dentures out. Cover up you teeth completely.

Now take the tip of your fingers and place them underneath your tongue, at the tip, then push it back with your fingers. Think about it like this: you are folding the first quarter of your tongue, back onto itself.

Now give it a go and blow out of your mouth. If air goes out the sides of your mouth, then close it tighter around your fingers, making sure the tongue does not appear at the actual blow hole area.

Don’t expect to nail it right away, or to even achieve a sound your first go around! You will probably have to continue to adjust your fingers, placing them in better position while also adjusting the angles and level at which you tuck your lips. Once you get it adjusted right, the noise should occur!

Think about blowing into a bottle to achieve that whistle sound. When you begin to achieve a sound like that then you are on your way!

Check out this video which explains the steps and how to achieve the classic finger whistle!


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