He’s Being Called The “Persian Hercules,” But You Won’t Believe How Big He Is

Every now and then a freak of nature comes along which causes you to take a major double take. Such is the case with the “Persian Hercules.” This guy is pure beast. Amazing genetics, but he has clearly maximized those genes by putting in some grueling sessions in the gym, lifting no doubt massive amounts of weight to failure.

His name is Sajad Gharibi, aka the Persian Hercules.

He posted pics of himself on Instagram garnering massive amounts of attention.

He’s also known as the “Iranian Hulk.”

He could also be called “no-neck” due to him not appearing to have a neck!

He’s only 24, and he weighs 386 pounds!

Although he looks freakish, he’s really just a regular human being!

When he’s not moving the iron, he’s get’s his gaming on now and again.


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Δευτέρα, Ιουνίου 27, 2016 |
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