This Shapeshifting CGI Vehicle Can Morph Into Any Car in the World

The Blackbird is a mobile camera rig designed to morph into any car in the world. At the push of a button the fully adjustable chassis can modify its length by 4 feet and width by 10 inches. It can fit any wheel set and be altered for any type of suspension and chassis design.

Two years in development, the Blackbird was hand built by the world’s top technicians from JemFX in the same hangar that the BLACKBIRD SR-71 supersonic jet was once manufactured. The car rig’s name is a nod to this legacy of stealth design.

To understand the capabilities of this vehicle check out the embedded video below.

The Blackbird is able to capture quality footage and data due to its camera array and tailor-made stabilisation unit, engineered in collaboration with Performance Filmworks’ award winning technician, Lev Yevstratov. A combination of high dynamic range imagery and 3D laser scanning generates a virtual version of the environment, producing 100% realistic CG renderings.

The Blackbird recently took home top honours at the Cannes Lions Festival, and was awarded the Gold Lion for Innovation.

For more information visit the Blackbird’s official website.


Τρίτη, Ιουνίου 28, 2016 |
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