A Cat Wandered Into A Bear Exhibit And Now Lives There With The Bears

When visiting the zoo, you expect to see a lot of animals. If you’re anything like my family, you plan your zoo trip around which animals you’d like to see most.

One animal you don’t often see in the zoo is a cat. You see the big cats, like lions and tigers, but not your average domesticated house cat. Visitors and employees at the Folsom City Zoo in California were very surprised to find a cat joining one of the exhibits.

At the zoo, they spread out dog food for their bears in the morning as a treat. The cat, named Little Bear by the zookeepers, started showing up to snack on the dog food. She wasn’t at all frightened by the giant 500-pound bears also munching on the treats.

Little Bear has even made friends with one of the bears in the exhibit. Her buddy Sakoa is also an older animal, so the pair have been spotted just resting in the shade together. Many zoo visitors are shocked to see a cat with a bear, as most wouldn’t think they could get along. Bears and cats getting along isn’t strange at all, it just means you can find friends anywhere in the world.


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