Beautiful Short Film ‘If I Could Talk’ Shows Life From A Dog’s Perspective

If you’ve ever owned a pet, this video will take you on a true emotional roller coaster. But, it will be a good kind of emotion, almost a sense of closure for some.

And one thing is for sure: this video reinforces the fact that dogs really are man’s best friend.

This video has been filmed from the point of view of a dog that was saved from a horrible situation. It’s quite similar to the short film Denali, where we are brought through a young man’s health struggle and journey through life — all from his dog’s perspective.

In this film, you’re shown the relationship between a dog and the man who saved him. It blossoms from just the two of them, to a family of four including his eventual wife and daughter.

This dog has been with this man through everything, and vise versa. A simple “thank you” seems to be a mutual offering on both of their parts.

If you’ve had a dog, and or have lost a dog, you know that they make your life better just as much as you make theirs better. Loving a dog is priceless, and losing a dog is life-changing. Watch this dog take you through his best memories, and share a sweet sentiment with his human.


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Παρασκευή, Ιουλίου 15, 2016 |
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