Construction Worker Hides Waldo On Site Everyday For Kids In Hospital Next Door To Find

Here’s an amazing story that is sure to warm your heart. It involves construction worker Jason Haney who came up with an idea that he thought would totally cheer up the kids who were in the children’s hospital right next door to where he worked. Indeed it did, as his idea was pure genius.

His daughter helped him out and they made an 8-foot-tall cutout of Where’s Waldo. Every day they hide it on the site and the kids at the next door Memorial Children’s Hospital try to spot the Waldo figure.
But it doesn’t stop there. As soon as word gets out that the kids indeed have found Waldo, then the cutout is actually moved to another spot! So now the kids can look for it again!

Haney created a Facebook group for the kids to participate in, and Haney and his daughter are already plotting their next project involving cutout “Minions”.

His goal was to figure out a way to cheer up the kids at the next door children’s hospital.

Jason Haney, a construction worker, decided to make an 8-foot-tall cutout Waldo.

He would then hide it and the kids would try to find it.

Waldo is placed in a different spot each day.

The kids love trying to find Waldo each and every day!

See if you can find Waldo!

Spot him yet?

Here’s a harder one:


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