Doberman Dies Fighting Off 4 Cobras To Save His Human Family

Man’s best friend is generally a phrase we use to describe dogs; regardless of what you do a dog is hard to shake off, and if you’re a good owner it’s impossible to replace the love which these animals bring.

Dibakar Raita and his family learned first-hand just how much loyalty and love a dog can show, as their beautiful Doberman passed away after fighting off four Cobras to save the lives of each of his family members. The attack occurred at their home in Sebekapur village, about 400 kilometers from Bhubaneswar in the Gajapati district because the four snakes were driven from their homes by the monsoons.

It wasn’t long before the dog standing watch at the gate noticed the slithering creatures approach, which have since been identified as mountain cobras, and he began attempting to drive them away with noise. The cobras obviously didn’t have any homes to currently return to due to the rains so going back wasn’t an option and they stood their ground.

The dog understood they weren’t there for anything good and began his attack, taking out all four before succumbing to the poison spreading through his body. Onlookers stated the dog didn’t give a single inch to the snakes, and didn’t fall until the last snake was a goner!

In an interview with a local news station Dibakar stated:

“I’m shocked. He has made the supreme sacrifice for me and my family. I will remember him till our death. I pray God – may his soul rest in peace.”

Witnesses stated the fight lasted longer than a few minutes in total and turned the scene into a bloody mess. Even still, villagers and the family have placed floral wreaths on the poor Doberman’s body and even gathered to hold a funeral procession for him. What this dog did for his family makes him nothing short of a hero, and I hope he rests in peace knowing he did better than anyone ever asked of him.


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