Guy perfectly recreates enormous SR-71 Blackbird, when it hits the sky? Amazing!

There are some hobbies that not many people get really into, but have enough dedicated people to really make them shine to the rest of us.

Take remote controlled vehicles for example; many people have gotten into drones, but before that there were remote controlled planes. Their progression has gone somewhat like aviation in general has in history, and now someone has even managed to replicate an SR-71 Blackbird with fully-functioning turbine engines and all!

Can you imagine when household drones turn into jets like these, what life is actually going to be like? I can guarantee the man who built this has nothing but love for his craft and pride in his work, because that’s the coolest remote controlled jet I’ve ever seen in my life! The way he manages to land it perfectly is a bit surprising for an RC, you can tell he’s put countless hours behind mastering everything about it’s flight style. I’d buy one if it was for sale, and never go back inside. Would you?


Τρίτη, Ιουλίου 19, 2016 |
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