Nobody Believed Her When She Described What Her Rotty Does When She Pets Him. So She Caught THIS!

Rottweilers, the cutest and cuddliest of dogs, right? Not exactly!

At least the stereotype leads us to believe that these guys are rough and tumble dogs. While they do have a natural instinct to protect and guard, they do have another side to them that not many people get to see. Even certain towns will ban these dogs due to only seeing the guard quality.

Truth is they are beautiful dogs and they love to show affection. You will see in this video, the beauty of this dog and the sweetness they possess. Hugs and kisses? Yep, he loves ‘em! The trippy part of this video is when the dog actually starts purring like a kitty! It’s actually a thing among Rottweiler’s. They call it the “rottie rumbles”!

This calm and relaxed beauty is amusing and cute as ever!


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Πέμπτη, Ιουλίου 21, 2016 |
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