Parents Tell Son His Favorite Toy Isn’t Lost But Traveling. How The Internet Responds Is Amazing

So a little boy lost his favorite toy and became very upset. Many of us can remember back to having lost a toy and becoming heartbroken over it. The parents had a plan to ease their child’s pain. They simply told him that his beloved elephant was not lost, he was just doing some travelling around the world!

The parent’s friend uploaded the picture on a photoshop forum and told the forum members the story. Well, they went to work right away. Suddenly these internet strangers provided postcards featuring the elephant in various parts of the world as he enjoyed his adventure. In the meantime, this buys the parents some much needed time to find a replacement elephant!

The elephant even stopped in his hometown to visit relatives!

People are awesome.

A definite win for the internet! Share this wonderful story with friends and family!


Τετάρτη, Ιουλίου 06, 2016 |
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