This Guy Rescues Stray Dogs and Takes Them on Weekly Train Rides Around Town

Eugene Bostick is a retired farmer from Fort Worth, Texas. According to The Dodo, the 80-year-old shares a farm with his brother and says people tend to abandon dogs on their property because they live at the end of a dead-end street.

Photograph by Tiffany Johnson on Facebook

Bostick says him and his brother were heart-broken by this and started to feed the abandon animals, taking caring of them, getting them spayed and neutered and providing a place for them to live.

Bostick says he’s currently taking care of nine dogs. They can roam free on his property but thought it would be nice to take them around to explore other parts of town. As an 80-year-old, walking nine dogs felt daunting so he fashioned a doggy train and drives them around with his tractor a couple of times a week. Bostick tells The Dodo:

“Whenever they hear me hooking the tractor up to it, man, they get so excited. They all come running and jump in on their own. They’re ready to go.”

You stay awesome Mr. Bostick, the Sifter salutes you.
[via The Dodo]

Photograph via Imgur

Photograph via Imgur

Photograph by Jason Magby


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