A Powerful PSA That Every Parent Needs To See And Show To Their Kids. Beware Of Stranger Danger:

It’s happening many times over.

You’re at work and your child is on their way to school or on their way home from school. What was a normal day, quickly takes a turn for the worse. A complete stranger approaches your child. Stranger then coerces your naive child with lies, saying they are a family friend or even a relative. Something you’ve warned your child about many, many times: Not to talk to strangers. But chances are, what will happen? Your child could be tricked and lured into this strangers vehicle. Just recently a 10 year old girl was picked up in a strangers car right near her house who claimed he was a relative. She was then sexually assaulted for hours before being let go. Fortunately, she escaped with her life, although she’ll carry mental scarring that will last a lifetime.

In the video below, Coby Persin has an important powerful message that every parent needs to see and share with their families.

Watch the video below, and don’t forget to SHARE with other parents, your families, and children. It could save a life.


Παρασκευή, Αυγούστου 12, 2016 |
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