This New Lightweight Camper Will Let You Travel The Open Road In Style And Luxury!

The best part about road trips is being able to stop just about anywhere you want for a little rest and stretching, and if you’re really not in a rush you could even camp out of have a nice picnic somewhere as well.

If you do decide to take your time to really enjoy whatever trip you’re planning then you may end up looking at getting yourself a camper to bring along, but if you wanted a good one you’d have to spend an arm and a leg and even then a car wouldn’t be able to pull it. That’s why more than a few people have gotten together to create something they’ve titled “The Nest”; this lightweight and highly mobile camper can not only be pulled by just about any vehicle, it has plenty of space and privacy on the inside for whatever your needs could be!

Created using fiberglass and other lightweight materials they even managed to design an interior that’s fit to sleep in, relax in, read in, or just to keep on the standby in case of some really troubling times – it’d beat sleeping in a car! The best part about them is that compared to other campers of the same style you’ll end up paying a fraction of the cost; Nests are currently only running for around $30,000 a piece, which is fairly remarkable when you consider what it is and how expensive the world is these days.

If you were to pick one of these up to travel the world, where would you go first?


Δευτέρα, Αυγούστου 29, 2016 |
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