It Turns Out – People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Geniuses

If you are one to hold down conversations with yourself, you’ve likely had that moment where someone walks in a room or sees you from a distance and you quickly become embarrassed as you remind yourself that this is not normal, and perhaps you are a little crazy to be doing this. Well, it turns out you shouldn’t be embarrassed and you are not crazy. Matter of fact, you could be a genius!

While society has conditioned us to believe that the “self-talkers” are simply lunatics, studies are revealing that it’s actually a sign of genius.

According to studies, talking to oneself can create a faster learning experience, a more efficient thought process, and long term memory can be boosted.

The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology printed one study which showed that verbal stimulation altered ongoing perceptual processing. In other words, talking to yourself, and when you repeat the name of an object especially, this helps greatly with being more receptive to the object that they are saying aloud, and thus it makes it easier to find the object if you are looking for it.

Here are the top four ways in which talking to yourself actually helps you:

1. You’re brain works more efficiently.

Live Science did an experiment and they had their subjects repeat objects. They ended up finding those objects more easily and their memory skills were improved. It actually solidifies what you are doing, thus it ends up making it more easy for your body to understand when you repeat it verbally to yourself.

2. As a child, you’ll learn better.

Growing up, babies need to hear their voices. “Self directed speech can help guide children’s behavior… often talking themselves step by step through tasks.” So if you talk aloud when you are young, you are able to vocalize directions and follow them better or perform better at other processes.

3. It helps organize your thoughts

Important decisions are validated, according to psychologist Linda Sapadin. Apparently by speaking aloud, you end up prioritizing tasks vocally, while you essentially “de-clutter” your mind. This also has the effect of calming your nerves, rather than having things be scattered around in your head.

4. You’ll achieve more goals.

When you repeat something out loud (goals especially), this will cement your attention and focus while at the same time it will get rid of distractions. If you verbally walk through the steps needed, they become clear and individually stated, rather than just lumped all together in your inner thoughts. You are basically conditioning your brain by saying it verbally and hearing it, then you will make more efforts to actually accomplish it.

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