This 8-year-old girl defies gravity — and negative stigmas — with her killer pole dancing performance

It’s definitely safe to say we’re in the social justice era of humanity where we finally come to grips with the reality that we’re all equal, regardless of anything. It’s taking us millennia but we’re finally getting to a point where we stand a chance at true peace among people, there’s work to do yet though! That’s why it’s important to note that pole dancing, while used by a certain adult entertainment group, can be beneficial and even fun to learn (even if you don’t want to take your clothes off).

Meet eight-year-old Emily Moskalenko, a young girl who set her eyes on mastering something not many young women would feel comfortable with, pole dancing. Not only did she decide to learn, it turns out she has an incredible knack for it as well! She proves that much with this performance on a Canadian talent show called “Next Star”, a performance that shocked everyone watching.

Her time on the stage was in no way dirty like many people would imagine it being, all due to the stigma attached. It’s incredible what some people can do, and there’s no telling the things little Emily will be able to do in the future; she could be going to one of the next Olympics as a gymnast with all the flexibility she has! Tokyo 2020!


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