This is what happens to your body when you stop having relations. No. 3 makes me really scared.

S*x is a wonderful experience, yet for many it can be a rare experience. And this is actually not healthy! Yes, it turns out having s*x often is indeed not just a better mood inducer, but also better for your physical body as well. So what happens when you don’t have s*x? Check out these eight reasons which should prove that you need to be having more s*x!

1. You get sick more often

Yes, apparently not having s*x for an extended time can have negative effects on your immune system, making it weaker. Germs will have their way with your body, and contracting things like the flu will be easier to do. No need to spend money on expensive cold meds, as long as you are getting busy on the regular!

2. Your stress levels increase

Everyone knows that the euphoria from s*x can be an awesome stress killer. So it makes sense that when you go without, stress will increase as you aren’t regularly fighting back with s*x.

3. It’s harder for you to get aroused

You would think you would get aroused more quickly, after having abstained for a stretch, but turns out those that don’t practice can get “arousal rusty” and find it hard to get it up. For women, having orgasms can be difficult.

4. Your dreams change

If you’ve been abstaining, you may notice that your dreams suddenly become very strange! Sometimes you will even have orgasms in your sleep. Maybe your mind is saying that if we ain’t going to get it on during our waking hours, then it’s going to go down during sleep, damnit!

5. Over time you lose your desire to have s*x

If abstaining is prolonged, so is desire, as s*x hormones become reduced and your libido feels different if they continue to slowly vanish away.

6. You’ll feel more distance between your partner and yourself

When it comes to a relationship, distance begins to dramatically grow between one another. This opens the window for thoughts of uncertainty, insecurity, and attractive feelings towards others.

7. It lowers your feeling of self-worth

Not feeling desired can naturally drop the self-worth marker down a bit. But an actual lack of s*x harms the well being of a person, and this can lead to depression. Frequent s*x can fight depression and they say is even as effective as antidepressants.

8. Your risk of cancer increases

For men, prostate cancer risks actually increase! Flushing out the pipes as they say, is actually beneficial for preventing prostate cancer!

Pretty surprising to realize that regular s*x indeed is good for both the body and the mind. This should be motivating news for those who want to have more s*x but need a nudge of encouragement. Get busy as your body is depending on it!


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