Poland Unveils Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path That Is Charged By The Sun

Biking used to be the largest means of transportation you could get, and it looks like they may be making another comeback. As humanity begins to understand the effects some of our actions have had on our environment we’ve begun to switch up the way we go about certain things, and while a car will definitely get you where you need to go faster than a bike could it’s also much less harmful on the planet. On top of simply using it as a way to get from point A to point B many people use them solely for the exercise. Whatever you use your bike for the fact of the matter is that bikers could use their own lane to get around, that way they’re not zipping through a popular walkway or clogging up the roads, so we’re making them.

One company from Poland decided to take things a step further and created an incredibly beautiful glow-on-the-dark bike lane that works solely off the power of the sun from the day! The synthetic material lets off a faint, blue light that lasts for up to ten hours after a full day in the sun. Unfortunately this means it won’t work on rainy days, but not many people enjoy biking through the rain in the first place.

The original concept was inspired by another bike lane in the Netherlands known as the Starry Night Lane, but they went way beyond what the average LED is capable of here. Currently the technology for these luminous path’s is still in the testing phase, but if these photographs are any testament to how they will actually look then I don’t see why this isn’t being sought after by more countries and states.

Maybe it has a short shelf life?


Δευτέρα, Οκτωβρίου 10, 2016 |
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