Doctor’s Warning: Check Baby Wipes Label For Possible Chemical That May Cause Rashes

We’ve become a society of convenience as when something comes out that will save us time we jump at it and start utilizing the product without much thought on side effects. Such is the case with baby wipes, a parents dream come true as they can simply pull out a fresh wipe and give their baby an instant clean weather it’s in the diaper department, or even something as simple as sticky hands or dirty toys. Grab a wipe and with one swipe – all clean!

As is usual, if you’ve jumped on any trendy bandwagon in blind fashion, you have ignored the classic warning of – if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

Such is the case with baby wipes as research continues to show that wipes aren’t exactly the best thing for a young child’s skin.

This is especially the case with wipes that have an ingredient in them that has caused nasty reactions in children. Itchy, scaly, and red-rash looking skin has been the result.

The co-author of a study, associate professor of dermatology and pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Dr. Mary Wu Chang, ended up looking at different kids and the various reactions they had to the popular product. The end finding? Six very unique reactions jumped out at her.

A severe buttocks rash and mouth rash occurred on an eight-year-old girl. The mother confirmed it was baby wipes being used in those areas.

Dr. Chang flashed back to a report she had once read where a Belgian man had a severe chemical and allergic reaction to a particular chemical preservative. It was called methylisothiazolinone. And yes, it turns out this preservative was in the same baby wipes, so Dr. Chang tested the girl, and sure enough she was allergic to this chemical. The mom then stopped using the wipes. Her condition cleared up.

Five other kids, over the next year and a half, were also found to have the same reactions. Dr. Chang told the parents to cease the baby wipe usage, and again, their symptoms all cleared up.

Dr. Ellen Frankel is a dermatologist who agrees with Dr. Chang. She advises on how parents should be very careful in regards to using wipes on kids. Here’s what she says:

“I always tell parents take caution using baby wipes. They have a lot of chemicals in there, and can irritate skin that’s already damaged sitting in urine, or feces, or sitting in a diaper that’s just got an inclusive surface on it.”

Always look at the ingredients on the baby wipe box. See the chemical methylisothiazolinone? You might want to not use them anymore.

Actually there have been many brands who have removed methylisothiazolinone from their products.

Yes, they are convenient, and you use them as your go-to cleaning aid for just about everything. But convenience comes at a potential price. If you see rashes begin to develop, get your child off the store brand wipes, and instead invest some parenting time into making your own DIY wipes out of all natural products at home. Or do what most parents used to do. A cloth with warm water!

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