If You Notice Someone With A Black Dot On The Palm, Call The Police!

Victims of domestic violence usually put a black dot on their palms so they can show that they are in danger.

So, if you ever notice a person with such black dot on the palms, it is very important to call the police and help this person.

The organizers behind this campaign explain that this black dot is put on the hands so the professionals can know that you are a victim of domestic violence and that you need help, but you are not able to ask for it because your abuser is following your every move. Over 6,000 people around the world in just 24 hours, found out about this campaign and it immediately gave help to 6 women. It is very important to spread the campaign and show your support to all victims of domestic violence.

Story From Survivor of Domestic Violence:

“I am a pregnant woman and the father of the baby is very abusive. I’ve been frightened for a long period of time, and now that I know that my baby will come soon, I’m even more petrified. Yesterday, I was at the hospital to have an examination, and he came with me because he follows my every step and never leaves my side. I lie on the bed and the consultant drew the curtain. I immediately took the pen out of his pocket, take his hand and wrote HELP ME. And I didn’t even say a word. This campaign helped me because it gave me the idea and strength how to ask for help. Thanks to the black dot campaign and the consultant, now I am safe somewhere else”.


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