New Airless Bike Tires That Will Never Get Flat

This is one of those inventions that you can really get excited about! If you are a bicycle rider, the one major frustration is a flat tire. If not the flat, it’s the slow leak where you continually have to pump up your tires or try to find the pinhole puncture in the tube and try to patch it. If you ride for any distance, the flat tire is a major fear as it can leave you stranded.

Well, now we have an airless tire created by a company called Nexo. While there have been flat-free tires in the past, they have always had issues regarding shock absorption and weak stiffness. This company out of Utah says they have solved these issues with their new design.

Made from polymeter blends, they claim to have cushion and durability. Their lifespan is said to be 3,100 miles for the model that gets mounted on existing frames. The other model replaces the entire wheel set and can go for 5,000 miles.

They are environmental as well, as the product is made from a single material and can be recycled. Normally there are 10,000,000 tons of bike tires and tubes that get thrown out each year.

Here’s the kickstarter link.

No flats with these airless tires.

Made from polymeter blends which are duarable and have plenty of resilience and cushion.

You can mount them on existing wheels, or get new wheel sets entirely.

You can go up to 5,000 miles!

Recycling is easy since they are created from a single material.

Ready for a new tire with no more fear of flats?

Check out this video for more info on this amazing new bike tire!


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