These Before-And-After Photos Show What Happens When You Quit Drinking Alcohol

There are lots of reasons why people give up drinking alcohol. But most who do say it was a great decision toward a healthier lifestyle.

"Whatever benefits alcohol seems to provide I assure you they are trite in comparison to the possibilities of the life that stands beyond," writes Holly Glenn Whitaker of Hip Sobriety.

When a heavy drinker gives up alcohol the physical transformation can be staggering. Take a look at these before and after pictures to see what we mean...

7 Months Sober

1 Year Sober

8 Months Sober

6 Months Sober

1.5 Years Sober

2 Years Sober

1.5 Years Sober

300 Days Sober

1 Year Sober

1 Year Sober

5 Years Sober

99 Days Sober

416 Days Sober

Photos via Reddit

Sources: Bored Panda, Sunny Skyz

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