This 3,200-Year-Old Tree Is So Big, It’s Never Been Captured In A Single Photograph… Until Now

Whenever you’re telling someone about California you can never leave out the immense forests that span across the state. The Redwood Forests are absolutely breathtaking to venture through and an integral part of what makes California such an incredible place to live. Even if the thought of earthquakes are a bit too much for you a trip through the state is still a great way to spend a vacation!

In one forest there’s a particular tree. This tree is so old and so vast that no one has ever before successfully managed to take a single photograph of it in it’s entirety, but the local landscape doesn’t help that much either. This tree is known as “The President” to locals and visitors from around the globe, and it’s still growing!

The President stands at over 247 feet tall and is estimated to be around 45,000 cubic feet in volume, meaning it’s like a skyscraper in and of itself.

Leaving the sheer size of this tree on the side, its age is still nothing to scoff at either. This thing is around 3,200 years old, which means it’s been around for longer than any of us have ever dreamed of.

Remember when I told you the tree is still growing? Well you’d probably be surprised to learn that it’s actually growing at an astonishing rate of 1 cubic meter of wood per year!

Because of the difficulty everyone else had been having trying to photograph this incredible relic from the past, a full team from National Geographic was put together to get it done.

The team wound up utilising a series of pulleys and levers to help the cameras scale the massive tree, eventually taking 126 total photographs over the course of 32 consecutive hours.

In case you miss it, there’s a guy standing near the top of the tree who appears as though he’s at the base of a separate tree, that’s how big this monster is!

Fortunately there’s more than just the images to look at, there’s also a video featuring the incredible lengths the team went in order to take that last, stunning photograph. Did we mention there’s a lot of snow?

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