Very Rare Planetary Alignment: From January 7 – February 6, 2017, All Planets Will Be Aligning and Going Direct. Here’s What It Means For You.

In a matter of hours a very special, and very rare, planetary event will begin to take place. Starting on January 7th or 8th (depending on where in the world you live) all of the major planets in our solar system will be moving in direct motion. This means they will all be moving forward in the same type of manner, and as such will be more balanced, synchronized, and harmonious than at any other point in their collective orbit cycles.

Stephanie Tetra Forest, who is also known as Wave Rayne, was the first to name this type of cosmic event “All Planets in Direct Motion,” or APDM for short. She has published a number of original articles on the subject and teaches courses on it as well. According to her calculations, this latest APDM phase will last almost one whole month as it begins when Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius on January 8th, and ends when Jupiter goes retrograde, on February 6th.

While you will not be able to actually view this rare event as it takes place, you certainly won’t be missing out on the cosmic shift in energy that will accompany it. In ancient times, when people closely followed the sky and looked to it not only for guidance but also for answers, this type of synchronicity was viewed as ushering in a time of immense fortune and opportunity. Forest expands upon the knowledge from the past by explaining “From the position of the Sun or Earth’s perspective, All Planets in Direct Motion represents an organic, holistic, synchronous, harmonious group passage through the endless universe.” Thus, when heavenly bodies align like this it supercharges the energy all around us and brings people together at the most opportune times.

Astrologers agree that the time period when all of the planets are moving in direct motion is ideal for achieving positive results or outcomes from whatever it is you may be involved in. As such, now is the time to act on your wants, needs, and desires. If you plan on getting married or engaged, are undergoing a major surgery, expecting a new baby, starting a new business, making a big decision, retiring, moving to a new city, or undertaking anything else that could be considered a major milestone or life event, now is the time for action!

Furthermore, the days ahead will feel like they are progressing forward at a steady, smooth rate. This change of pace is exactly what we all need after the hectic past few months and the energy draining holiday season. Take advantage of the next few weeks and implement some good new habits because they can only further help to recharge your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Overall, the window between January 7th and February 6th is the absolute best time you’ll have all year to do whatever it is that you want or need to do. Having all the major planets moving in direct motion simultaneously is kind of like having the universe hand you a good luck charm, so take advantage of this positive opportunity before it passes you by!

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