Woman Sets Up Bird Feeder Photo Booth to Capture Close-Ups of Feathered Friends

When Lisa M. Ca moved from Germany to Macomb County, Michigan, she was instantly drawn to the area’s unique bird population. Aiming to learn more about her new neighbors, she purchased a Bird Photo Booth—a seed dish that doubles as a special fowl-friendly camera—to create a collection of up-close-and-personal portraits of her feathery friends.

Northern Cardinal

When she first moved to Macomb County, Ca noticed striking similarities and differences between her new neighborhood and her homeland. While Michigan’s seasonal weather patterns seemed to be strikingly similar to Germany’s, she was surprised to find its native birds were an entirely different story. Inspired by the beautiful blue jays, radiant cardinals, and chirping chickadees that regularly visited her backyard, she decided to research the best way to photograph them. “I wanted to get a little closer and started researching what cameras are out there as a little addition to my DSLR. This is how I found the Bird Photo Booth” she told Detroit’s Metro Times.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets, the Bird Photo Booth is a high-tech spin on the classic bird feeder. By discreetly placing a camera-equipped device behind the bowl of birdseed, the photographer is able to sneakily capture exquisite photographs of the birds as they eat. Then, through either WiFi or a Bluetooth connection, the ingenious invention “lets you remotely watch, photograph, video, and even talk to backyard birds in real time.” Ca opted to share her photos on Facebook, where they quickly went viral. Now, you can find her unique collection of birds’-eye view shots on her bird-centric blog.

Blue Jay

Common Grackle

Tufted Titmouse

Common Grackle

Northern Cardinal

Tufted Titmouse

Mourning Dove

Common Grackles

Goldfinch and Tufted Titmouse

Photo credit: Amazon

All images via Lisa M. Ca unless otherwise stated.

Lisa M. Ca: Tumblr


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