15 Pictures That Show Exactly Why Women Live Longer Than Men

It's a scientific fact that women live longer than men on average. Now, there are a variety of biological reasons for this... but there's also the fact that us guys just tend to take a lot more ridiculous risks than women do. If you need any further proof, just check out these photos.

1. "I got it, I got, I got it.... Elbows of STEEL, bruh!"

2. I'm no safety expert but this seems like a bad idea.

3. When Christmas morning goes wrong...

4. In the history of bad ideas, this is definitely one of the worst.

5. I'm sure this ended well.

6. Seems legit.

7. Why? Just, why?

8. Fun, but probably not very safe.

9. No way this could go wrong.

10. Oh dear...

11. Define "irony."

12. Someone really should tell him...

13. He gets a point for trying to be safe, but he loses a hundred points for pretty obvious reasons.

14. Bad idea, bro.

15. Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down.

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