Sheriff Has Funeral Procession. Suddenly, Stranger Gets Out Of His Car And Holds Salute

Sgt. Richard Charles Hogan of Attica, Michigan passed away of natural causes on January 23, 2017. Hogan was a 30-year retired deputy of the Lapeer County Sheriff department, and also held jobs as a firefighter and first-responder during his career.

The Lapeer County Sherrif’s Office said, “With great sympathy and a sadden[ed] heart, the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office is announcing that retired Sgt. Richard Hogan [unexpectedly] passed away today of natural causes. Retired Sgt. Hogan protected and served the citizens of Lapeer County until 2004.”

On Friday, January 27, Hogan’s son Mark Steffler took a photo of a man saluting in military stance during the funeral procession.

Source: Facebook

Steffler said, “What a great show of respect from this man. He stopped his car in the freezing cold to show his respect for my uncle. If anyone knows this guy in the Lapeer area please tell him thank you.”

As more people shared and commented on the photo, the man’s identity was found. His name is Keith Quinlan. Quinlan’s wife commented on Steffler’s Facebook post letting everyone know that Quinlan served in the U.S. Army and “didn’t salute for the acknowledgment, he did it because he felt it was the respectful thing to do.”

Source: Facebook

After finding this out, Steffler posted, “My father, retired Sgt. Richard Hogan, passed away suddenly on Monday this week and during his procession, a stranger got out of his car and saluted him, He stood in the freezing temperature and showed such reverence and respect to our family and to my father during his last ride. It was something that touched all who witnessed it. We later found out his name is Keith Quinlan. What a great show of respect from this man.”

Quinlan has not responded to the outpour of love and respect for his action, but it’s comforting to know that people can find respect and kindness in strangers out of the blue.

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