People are Planting Flowers in Potholes Because Cities Aren’t Fixing Them

In cities across the globe, the gripe is the same: potholes take forever to get fixed and many never are. While some guerrilla activists have taken a more drastic approach, other have chosen a more subtle form of protest: planting flowers in potholes.

Some argue (e.g., city officials) it is not only illegal but more dangerous, and go on to say there are proper channels for bringing such issues to the attention of the city. It’s not stopping people from doing so however, and the practice seems to be spreading.

Critics also like to point out that the amount of time people spend planting flowers they probably could have just fixed the pothole themselves. What do you think?

Photograph via Life of Dad

Photograph by Paige Breithart

Photograph by Paige Breithart

Photograph by Paige Breithart

Photograph by Mt Hood Summer Ski Camp

Photograph by Sara (@cyclemor3 on twitter)


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