6 Years of Incredible Supercell Timelapses Set to Moody Classical Music

FRACTAL is a 4K stormlapse project by Chad CowanChad Cowan that features a collection of timelapses gathered over the last six years from Texas to North Dakota and everywhere in between. Cowan adds:

The project started out as wanting to be able to see the life-cycles of these storms, just for my own enjoyment and to increase my understanding of them. Over time, it morphed into an obsession with wanting to document as many photogenic supercells as I could, in as high a resolution as possible, as to be able to share with those who couldn’t see first-hand the majestic beauty that comes alive in the skies above America’s Great Plains every Spring. After more than 100,000 miles on the road and tens of thousands of shutter clicks later, this is the result. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Cowan says he is working on a much longer version of FRACTAL and that he loves teaching others about storms and severe weather and how to safely document them. He says the best time to experience them is in June and you can interact with Chris on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

All footage shot by Chad Cowan and is available in up to 8K resolution. Editing by Kevin Barth and Chad Cowan with music by Arvo Part. Visit stormlapse.com for more.


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