9 Signs You Have A Crazy Strong Personality But Are Actually Pretty Sensitive

Being an all-round strong persona for your friends can have the added side-effect of the fact that you end up ignoring your own sensitivity. If you think you’re someone juggling being sensitive and badass at the same time, here are 9 signs which will put the doubt out of your mind:

1. What Can’t Kill You Will Make You Stronger

You are someone who never gives up just like an anime hero. But that doesn’t mean you do not find the world around you overwhelming at times. The badass part begins when you decide to take control and face your demons head on.

2. Constructive Criticism is the Way You Roll

You’re not above correcting people’s wrong-headed notions. However your sensitivity means you find the devil in details. Your criticism will always be constructive and offer something positive. You try to fix not insult.

3. You need Time to Unwind

You are there for people when they need you the most. To your friends and loved ones you are dependable. However, you also need to take time out to be with yourself and that is what recharges you.

4. Picky on Tinder

You’re not someone who’ll risk a date unless you are sure about it. You need a real connection otherwise you won’t bite. The concept of Tinder dating is itself a little off-putting. Pretense is not something you will tolerate.

5. Heart to Heart is the way to go

You need real and meaningful conversations. Small talk and idle chatter is not your cup of tea.

6. Listening is key

You are really intuitive about peoples’ feelings around you. This makes you an especially good listener. You know when to give your rock-solid opinions and when to let the other person have their say.

7. Show-offs are the worst!

You are someone who is very confident in your own skin. Excessive attention and going to lengths to gain unnecessary attention is positively disgusting to you personally. You are way past the insecurities that make you crave the center of attention.

8. Why is the world full of morons?

You don’t always have to put a lid on your feelings and yes, sometimes even though you might feel a little judgmental, you do judge the general idiocy of the world at large. That is actually because you are sensitive to all the stupidity you see around you and sometimes, just sometimes it really gets to you.

9. Self-reflection is your refuge

At times when the world around you seems to be too much to take in, you are not averse to seeking shelter within the comfy confines of mental solitude for a bit of reflection. You need your time at the reflecting pool of the mind and you being quiet should not be taken by those around you as you playing dumb or being unsocial.


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