Muslim Man Saves 64 Christians From Being Executed By Terrorists In The Philippines

A Muslim man in the Philippines has been hailed as a hero for providing shelter to 64 Christians in his home while terrorists were hunting them.

Meet Noor Lucman.

Lucman, who lives in Marawi, gave shelter to Christians who were working near his home as militants were attacking the capital city. In the following days, other Christian workers took refuge in his home.

Nearly 240 Christians had been kidnapped and held hostage by militants since the start of the conflict more than a week ago.

"There were about 64 of them in my hands and I was very determined that nothing happens to them," Lucman said, emphasizing that militants would only get to them "over his dead body."

Watch the video below:


Κυριακή, Ιουνίου 11, 2017 |
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