22 Common Things People Realize When They Quit Drinking Alcohol

With over 30% of people reporting that they have some sort of drinking problem, the question remains, what happens when you stop?

1. People Tell Me I’m Like a Different Person

And for good reason, because I am. However, I didn’t realize that until after I had a few sober outings. The truth is, it feels great.

2. You Will Lose Almost All Of Your Friends

While at first, you may feel sad about it, the sad truth is that all of those people didn’t truly care, to begin with, they were only there for the party.

3. Current Drunks Will Drive You Crazy

After years of partying, and being the life of the party, I have come to realize only since I quit that I don’t like being around drunks.

4. You Will Be Bored

At first, it’s like you won’t know what to do with your spare time. However, as you find new interests, the boredom will dissipate.

5. Alcohol Is Everywhere

During my years as an alcoholic, I expected alcohol to be everywhere. Now, I am just like ‘Really?!’

6. People Think I Am Pregnant

When I pass on booze, friends, and family that didn’t know I quit asking me if I am pregnant.

7. I Save So Much Money

During active addiction, I drank at least $10.00 a day.

8. I Lost Weight Like Poof

Faster than a magic trick, I dropped 10 extra pounds. No, I’m not complaining.

9. I Have So Much More Time

While before I couldn’t find enough time in my day to get anything done, now I have more than enough time.

10. I Realized I Don’t Have to Be Drunk to Have Fun

I can have fun without alcohol now, which amazes me!

11. I Regret Less

Now, I don’t black out entire evenings after cussing random friends out while on a bender.

12. Some People Will Never Get It

I find myself turning down invites to social gatherings that include alcohol, and some people will never get it. But, I don’t need that anymore.

13. Bars Are Gross

Smoke, booze, puke and drunk people…..fun…..NOT.

14. I Realize Now I Drank Mostly Out of Habit and Boredom

In hindsight, my drinking was caused mostly by boredom and out of habit. Now, I have healthier habits.

15. I Appreciate Non-Drinkers More

Before, non-drinkers were prudes in my eyes. However, now, I get it.

16. I Have Less Balls

After having a few drinks, I was bulletproof. Now, I am more hesitant to step close to a high ledge, but honestly, I think it’s better that way.

17. I Apologize Less

Without fights, there is no need to apologize. And I don’t care who you are, people get stupid when they drink too much and violence follows. That’s just how it is for some.

18. Alcoholic Conversations Drive Me Mad Now

In the past, alcohol seemed to fuel some wonderful conversations. Now, it makes people’s conversations make less sense and more boring to me.

19. I Am More Aware of Myself

I am more mindful and attuned to myself without alcohol.

20. My Memory Is Clearer

I forget less, remember more, and actually want to.

21. I Don’t Feel Sick All The Time

Rather than having a stomach ache every day, I feel much better.

22. My Sleeping Schedule Is Normal For Once

Drinking made me want to pass out or go to sleep later, there was no in between. Now, I go to sleep at a regular time and wake up normally to boot!


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