19 Things Which You Probably Have Not Seen In This Life Before

Here’s a list of 19 things you may not have ever seen before:

1. The Gutenberg Bible
This book is not a symbol of Christianity; instead, it marks the beginning of book printing in Europe. Johannes Gutenberg released it in the 1450s.

2. Alcatraz
Stop thinking about spending a holiday on this Alcatraz island; it's a jail located near San Francisco Bay. In history books, literature and movies, it's that one prison which no one could break.

3. Deep Blue
Deep Blue is a computer which has a record of beating humans at chess. It has even defeated the chess world champion, Garry Kasparov.

4. 35 oz plastic bottle
You'd be surprised to know that it's 35 oz (one liter) bottle before it's heated.

5. A brick road machine
This machine is a kick on a lot of worker's job, to be honest. But in the end, it provides the world-class quality of work which forces engineers to chose this over workers.

6. Sunrise and sunset at the same time
People get fascinated when we talk about the solar eclipse, but what would you do if you can see sunrise and sunset at the same time? It's not precisely the sunrise and sunset at the same time, but it's a horizon where the sun meets moon.

7. The appendix
The appendix as we all know is the vestigial part of human's body. Even if removed through surgery, it won't affect the person in any way.

8. Snake's skin
Have you ever looked at shed snake's skin. It looks like a wonder of nature, isn't it?

9. The Penates
As per the Roman mythology, the Penates are the household Gods. Soldiers and people used to return to this place while coming back from war or hunting.

10. Underfloor heating
Underfloor heating or even cooling is a concept which works as an interior temperature controlling system in a closed environment. However, what you see in the picture above is a setup which is laid to make this system work.

11. One million colors picture
Each pixel in this picture has its color which is unique. There are one million pixels in this image. Hence, it's a one million colors picture.

12. Algodones Dunes - near the USA and Mexico border
The barrier between the USA and Mexico consists of high and narrow components that keep moving up and down due to ever-changing dunes.

13. A car graveyard
These are all over-produced millions of cars that are parked like this. This picture is taken at Port of Sheerness in Kent, England.

14. The real lightning
An Australian hiker and tourist managed to climb up to 9,000 feet above ground level was hit by significant lightning that got captured accidentally in his phone. The impact had left him wounded.

15. A crowned eagle foot
A crowned eagle, or also known as an African crowned eagle is the most dangerous breed of eagles in the world.

16. The most costliest metal in the world
Only 1g (approximately 0.035 oz) of Californium-252 costs almost $27 million.

17. The darkest material in the world
Vantablack is the world's darkest black material as it absorbs 99% of the light which causes 3D objects to look like 2D.

18. Rubber tire remains on the asphalt
These are nothing but the remains of rubber tires on the track after Asphalt Drag Race.

19. Secret Area 6
Area 6 is a runway that stretches to 5,000 feet in the mainstream location of Nevada National Security Site. People are also unaware of the fact that there are also some small complex buildings. If you're in Las Vegas, then you only need to drive 80 miles to reach up there.


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